August 1, 2001 Comes Online
Continuing the creation and crafting of the EnhydraME site, the website comes online. This site will be the launching point for all of the various EnhydraME projects (see the Software page for a complete list). Additionally, documentation and releases will be coordinated through this site, so check back often for documentation, white papers, samples, downloads, and more!


EnhydraME Initiative Started.
Today a group of experts in the wireless- and micro-worlds agreed to come together and form the EnhydraME platform. This will platform will consist of several sub-projects, each squarely aimed at providing a complete solution for wireless applications. These solutions aren't enterprise solutions that have been squeezed and cropped to fit into a micro-world, but are specifically targeted at wireless devices. For more information, visit the About EnhydraME overview page today!


Stay tuned for EnhydraME to make Headlines!

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